The Flavorful Kitchen- World of Flavors | 5 Unique Different Flavours to Try

Food –Ask someone who doesn’t have it ,then the importance will reflect in their eyes.But today we are not here to discuss that, We would like to brought our new flavor combinations which we have been trying lately to experience different combinations apart from having daily curries,gravies,masala and so on.

We Believe act of cooking is really like engaging in a relationship except that instead of another person, food becomes the object of your attention to fall in love. And just like people, food is also complicated to understand.Some personalities just don’t get along (such as olive oil with butter paneer masala); Sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised despite a negative first impression (turnips can be delicious); or sometimes, timing is everything (as in adding fresh herbs at the end of a cooking process). Just as we should make it a priority to strive to improve our relationships with those close to us, we can always deepen our relationship with the food we prepare.

Ingredients in cooking are like one individual being on which you can master yourself and it can really surprise you by its qualities and significance.It Has been recorded that there are more than 1oo k type of vegetation available apart from animal non vegetarian species for which humans are totally relied on.

Cooking is about combining flavors as well as applying different preparation techniques, and that is what gives the heart melting satisfaction . Let your mood guide where jump in—the food has no real beginning or end. Are you feeling restless but have nowhere to go? Check out our new 5 different flavor combinations to try with simple 3 ingredients to add on

 “Exotic Flavors”

 Do you have a few days off from work and want to tackle a new and challenging recipe?

 “Complex Creations”

Are you feeling a craving for something rich?

In addition to your mood, let the food choose you for a dish. Some beautiful mushrooms may call to you from their baskets, or a pile of heirloom tomatoes may look irresistible. Give in!  Seek to make your cooking routine more fun and spontaneous, while keeping in place solid cooking techniques.


Certain flavor combinations are so ingrained in our collective consciousness, it seems that they have always existed together. Part of their charm lies in their mass appeal and in not having to wonder whether someone will enjoy these flavors, because overall everyone does.

And yet, just as a timeless piece of clothing sometimes needs a new accessory to keep it relevant, timeless food combinations also benefit from a breath of fresh air. We seek to keep the recognizable quality in these flavors,but we also want to bring in a twist to keep the tasting interesting.

Timeless food combinations typically fall into one of two categories: The ingredients themselves are frequently prepared together, or the method of preparation (or cooking technique) sets the standard for serving. To change up these classics, we either introduce an ingredient not normally found in the preparation, or we prepare the standard ingredients in a different way using an untraditional technique.



This trio of flavors can be spicy, sweet, creamy, or all of the above. The ingredients’ different forms, as well as different cooking techniques, affect the outcome of your dish. Do you want a spicy, lively legume side dish?

Are you looking for light, seasonal salad? How about a roasted chile-coconut heirloom tomato salad?

 Ethnic cuisine, such as Indian cooking, or those more focused on maintaining the purity of the ingredients, such as California cuisine,can guide these flavors.


Fresh chiles are most potent when eaten raw but soften considerably when roasted.Dried chiles are readily available and are rehydrated upon use. For flavorful seasoning, use powders. Use a mild pepper such as poblano for a mild heat, jalapeño for more heat, and habañero to blow the lid off of a dish. To add a bit of spice, mince a fresh chile pepper and cook it with other aromatic vegetables such as onion and garlic.


Fresh coconut is not as sweet as the processed variety. Coconut milk, sold in cans in most grocery stores, is a traditional base for Thai cooking. To increase the coconut impact in this combination, use coconut milk as a sauce component, as well as flaked coconut as a garnish.


Eat raw and slice tomatoes in salads. Sauté them for stir fries. Purée them into sauces for pasta and other treats or oven-roast them to deepen their flavor. Sun-dry them to bring out their natural sugars. To use tomato as an accent flavor, use chopped sun-dried tomatoes with roasted peppers and shredded coconut for a flavorful tapenade for grilled vegetables. Bump up the tomato by making a sauce with a chile accent.



Sweet and mild parsnips with the fragrance and punch of ginger make a wonderful canvas for the addition of basil, lending an herbal, light clove and anise taste. Parsnips especially offer versatility—grate them into salads with a ginger-basil vinaigrette, roast them for side dishes, or purée them for a mashed potato–like consistency or for smooth soups.


Although it looks like a white carrot, a parsnip has a milder, sweeter flavor than its orange cousin. use smaller, more delicate parsnips grated in salads. Otherwise, parsnips are well suited to cooking techniques—broiling, roasting, and braising to soften and increase the sugars. Look for smaller parsnips, as the larger ones can have a woody, bitter center you must remove.


Fresh root is the way to go for this combination. To add the flavor of ginger without the texture or to evenly distribute in sauces, use ginger juice. Grate fresh ginger, wrap it in cheesecloth, and squeeze it over a small bowl. If you don’t frequently use fresh ginger, you can freeze what’s leftover. This actually makes the grating easier, too.Instead of cheesecloth, you can also try a garlic press.


Dried basil loses most of its flavor, so stick with fresh whenever possible. When making basil oil, as in this recipe, use a small amount of fresh spinach leaves with the basil.You won’t be able to taste the spinach, but it will help create a rich green color that offers a great contrast to the creamy white parsnips. Look for Thai basil as a variation and to accent the ginger for an Asian slant.



The leaves start to turn, a chill blows in, and apples are in season. This delicious combination uses apples primarily in desserts by adding intensely sweet honey (applied in a number of different ways) and the mild crunch of almonds.Try a strudel or coffee cake using the combination ingredients, whose flavors closely associate with cinnamon and nutmeg.


This recipe uses dried apples, which provide a rich, concentrated flavor without adding moisture to the dough. For a different effect, substitute thinly sliced tart apples, such as Granny Smith. Or make a homemade honey-spiked applesauce topped with candied almonds.


Make a bolder honey statement by using a dark, flavorful variety such as wildflower honey.


Almonds have much potential: as a textural element toasted and chopped, ground into a flour for sweet breads or cakes, in an extract for additional flavoring, or as a paste to create fillings for strudels and pastries. To maximize the almond flavor, combine two or more of these options.



Pairing fruit with vegetables, as in this combination, often provides delicious contrast in flavor and texture. The tart, crisp apple joins with the crunchy, anise-like fennel, combining sweet and savory tastes. Lemon brings balance, providing the acid needed to make the flavors dynamic. The technique you choose will greatly affect the combination flavors, as both apple and fennel are versatile in preparation methods. This application takes advantage of a simple, uncooked salad. But experiment with cooking the ingredients to change the profile Or take this combination to the sweeter side and make lemon panna cotta with candied fennel and apple compote.


For purity of flavor, extract apple juice in a vegetable juicer or seek out a good-quality natural apple juice. For the greatest texture and crisp flavor, opt for raw apples such as Pink Lady or Gala for sweetness or Granny Smith apples for tartness. Cooking softens the intensity of the apple’s flavor and texture. To let the apple flavor dominate, make an apple compote accented by fennel frond and lemon rind.


Fennel’s most intense flavor comes when it is raw and crunchy. When roasted, it transforms into a soft and mellow taste. Fennel seeds often flavor dishes, its frond used as an herb. Take advantage of the whole vegetable, even if the recipe does not call for it. The following application calls for the bulb only, but cut off the fronds to use as a flavorful herb you can add to the vinaigrette. reserve the long stalks to add to other vegetables when making stocks and soups.


Typically, in this combination, lemon serves as an accent component. The bright acidity of the lemon acts as a natural foil to the tart-sweet flavor of apples.



The light, crisp cucumber meets other bright vegetables to create unique flavor play and crisp textures. Of the bunch, cabbage is the most versatile ingredient—leave it raw and crunchy in salads or cook it down for stews and side dishes. Most recipes use cucumbers raw, but beets need to be cooked. Pickling all three ingredients is an option, but this application creates an amazing salad using raw cucumber and cabbage and roasted beets.


Eat them raw, slice them up and serve with dip, or chop them and throw into salads. Because of cucumber’s high water content, this vegetable generally doesn’t cook effectively.For the best tasting cucumbers, wait for the summer locals to turn up at your farmers’ market (or in your garden). To increase the impact of the cucumber, leave it raw and crunchy and serve with the other cooked and soft ingredients; it will provide a noticeable textural contrast.


Unless you use beets solely as a natural food coloring, cook them before eating. Beets keep well once cooked, so prepare them in advance and refrigerate them until use. They are also available precooked in the refrigerated section of your grocery store. To make this combination more about beets, make a borscht-style soup (a beet-based soup of Eastern European origin often served cold) topped with crunchy cucumber and cabbage.


Cabbage is most flavorful when raw as in salads or a sandwich wrap. It is cooked to soften its flavor in soups and stews. All of these preparations work with this combination; just bump up the quantity to increase the cabbage’s flavor against the strong beet.

THE WEALTHYNDIAN TIP : We are lucky to have immense culture of different flavors in our society.

Blueberries | The True antioxidant | The Toxin remover | How to buy, storage, Usage and cook Blueberries


Blueberries being native to the woods, forests, and heaths of the tundra – temperate regions of the far northern hemisphere. They belong to the exotic category of the fruit available in the market.Due to the unfavorable conditions for cultivation it makes them hard to grow on subtle lands.

They are commercially grown around the world, particularly in Maine and Michigan in the US, as well as in Canada, Poland, Hungary, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and South America. The cultivated “high-bush” berries are large and even in size, but have a less distinctive taste than the smaller “wild” berries, most of which are harvested from semi-managed, scrubby low-bush plants. The bilberry is a close relative. 

Cultivation of blueberries

How to Buy Blueberries | 5 ways to look before buying blueberries

  • Cultivated and good production of blueberries are available year-round but are at their best between July and September. 
  • Choosing the blueberries which are plump,dent free and deep fresh blue in colour.
  • Avoid any red on your blueberries as they do not continue to ripen after harvesting
  • Better Avoid any punnets with juice stains as they may contain mushy, possibly mouldy fruit. 
  • Don’t buy damaged, squashed, or shrivelled berries.

How to store Blueberries| 5 ways to store Blueberries

  • Dry them if contains liquid before storing.
  • Put them in sealed Mason jar preventing them from air particles.
  • Use paper towel to store for longer shelf life.
  • Handle blueberries carefully wih gentle care as the fruit is soft and tender.
  • They can be kept in the fridge for several days Or freeze (do not wash blueberries before freezing as it toughens the skins).


Small, plump, and round, blueberries are sweet and mild with a tart edge and a firm texture. While delicious raw, their flavour is enhanced when cooked.

How to eat ,cook or use Blueberries 


  • Serve as a snack or dessert, alone, or in a fruit salad. 
  • Purée for smoothies and cold soups; press for juice.
  • Garnish in the breakfast will boost your energy


  • Bake in pies and tarts, crumbles, cobblers, cakes, and muffins. 
  • Stew for sweet and savoury sauces, compotes, or cheesecake toppings. 


  • Make into jam, jelly, or relish; bottle in syrup; or dry. 


cream, soured cream, yogurt,

lemon, lime, almonds, mint, cinnamon, allspice, chocolate. 

What are some CLASSIC Blueberry recipes ?

  • Muesli bowl
  • Blueberry muffins
  • Blueberry pie
  • Blueberry pancakes
  • Blueberry cheesecake
  • Blueberrybuckle
  • Tarte à la cannelle

Crazy for Candy | How to make Homemade candy in 5 mins |Homemade fudge

Candy ,a special and a popular sweet to attract all the age group either you call a kid or elder as well. According to the market survey, 90 % of the population eats candy in different forms and by which they are addicted to. Candy is a token of feeling’s shared between people to enrich their love and bond.

As there various types of candies available in the market but we will teach you how to make candy in 5 mins in a GO GO manner. Although the chocolate has been the base for all the candies ,but the chocolate been mixed with different ingredient’s made a candy deliciously licking product.

Most often used term in the market is Fudge, a type of creamy candy ,easy to make with few ingredients like Butter, sugar, milk and usually chocolate.

Candy Making Ingredient’s

  • Honey
  • Milk chocolate
  • Unsweetened chocolate
  • Pecans
  • Cream
  • Nuts
  • Confectioner’s sugar
  • Butter
  • Milk
  • Corn syrup
  • Rainbow sprinkler’s
  • Sugar cracker’s
  • Fruit syrup

And many more to add according to the taste of the candy is needed.

How to make candy in 5 minutes


  • 1 cup Chopped nuts
  • 1 pound of powdered sugar
  • ½ cup cocoa powder
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • ¼ pound butter
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extracrt
  • ¼ cup milk

Direction | how to make

  • Mix all dry ingredient’s together in an 8*8 inch microwave safe pan (very important to use this pan as it will prevent over heating) .
  • Add milk and vanilla extract. Place chunk of butter in centre (leave butter as whole do not chop up ) .
  • Microwave the mixture for 2 minutes until bottom of dish feels warm. Stir vigorously and blend in chopped nuts .
  • Put in mould or preferred container to give candy a shape and let it chill for 1 hour.

The Wealthyndian Tip : Use good quality butter for best results and do not touch the hot mixture with your bare hands.

15 Best Pastries Around The World | THE SWEET TOOTH

Pastries have been prevalent around the world since time immemorial.From diverse kinds of fillings stuffed into the buttery and crunchy crusts to soft melt-in-the-mouth delicacies, pastries have always been irresistible to mankind.

No matter which country you set your foot on, you are bound to come across the signature and popular  pastries of that country.From the French macarons to the Baklavas from Egypt, pastries from every part of the world are appealing and flavourful in their own sense. we have brought to you few different pastries from different corners of the world!

It has been well said that sweetness outside and sweetness inside within you works well to bring the joy on your face.Here we going to disclose some wonderful and famous pastries around the world.You can prepare them to wow your guests or to make your kids happy with the sweet tooth they have.It includes pastries of both savory and sweet kind and you can bake them for any occasion. For Sundays or for mid-meal snacks, for brunch parties or bridal showers, these versatile pastries would perfectly fit in any menu. So, put your chef’s hat on and wow your family and friends with these scrumptious yet simple pastry recipes

15 best pastries around the world

The Great CHURROS (Spain)

Candid churros

Churros are fried-dough pastries. A very simple dish to cook, you can have a plate of crunchy churros with your favorite dip anytime and anywhere you’re hungry. Here’s a recipe for the classic cinnamon sugar churros with chocolate dip. Elongated, crispy, crunchy and intensely fragrant, churros consist of deep-fried yeast dough encrusted with sugar.
Originally invented by Spanish shepherds who could easily cook them in a pan over an open fire, today these unusually shaped, cinnamon sugar sprinkled twists are most commonly eaten in Spain and Latin America as a hot breakfast food, accompanied by a strong cup of coffee or a cup of thick hot chocolate. 


They say love lingers in the air in France. So, here we bring to you an amazing recipe of French pastry. Express your affection to your loved ones with these cute little Rose raspberry macarons.

Jalebi (India)

Ek plate jalebi dena bhaiya-that’s what is been heard on the streets of india- To giveone plate jalebi to eat.This superb sweet dessert has taken a whirl on the popularity because of the live skill demonstrated by the maker.


white chocolate eclairs

Éclairs (French for lightning) are believed to have received their name because of how the light would reflect off of them after a coating of confectioner’s glaze.

An appealing glaze,a crispy texture, a soft dough exterior ,a soft doughy interior and a sweet ,creamy centre elongated pastries were been originated in France .Some say they were invented by popular French chef Marie-Antoine Carême.

Today, éclairs are becoming increasingly popular in France and throughout the world, and have begun to sport new fillings such as green tea and lemon cream.

Multilayered BAKLAVA (Turkey)

The multilayered and remarkable baklava is a luscious dessert created with layers of thin phyllo dough intertwined with chopped nuts, all doused in a sweet, viscous syrup. The popularity of baklava has long surpassed borders, regions, and ethnic groups to become a dessert whose origin and invention is claimed by numerous countries.

It is probable that it has an Assyrian origin, dating back to the 8th century, from where it spread out throughout the region all the way to Greece. The Greeks altered the recipe and created the thin sheets, known today as phyllo dough, but modern-day baklava is believed to be an original Turkish creation. 

Tantilizing Künefe (Turkey)

It is the dessert for those who are having sweet tooth where Sweet meets savoury in this typical Turkish dessert made with tel kadayif (a dough with a thread-like texture) and melted cheese covered in sugar syrup. It is served hot with pistachios on top and often comes with kaymak (clotted cream).

Cannoli (Italy)

Cannoli termed as “little tubes” in Italian. Crunchy Sicilian pastries are filled with sweet and creamy ricotta. They are sometimes sprinkled with candied fruit, crushed pistachios or chocolate chips. Delicious!

Chocolaty Profiterole (France)

These chocolaty-covered puff pastries are filled with either whipped cream, custard, pastry cream, or vanilla ice cream. Many theories exist about the origin of this dessert, but the most likely one traces it back to the 13th century, when the chefs who first created the puff pastry in France and southern Germany began filling them with savory cheese mixtures and herbs.

Sweet versions of the dish followed, and by the 17th century, the small pastries were referred to as choux . By the mid-19th century, the puffs had become known as profiteroles in France and England – they were decorated to resemble swans or pyramids, and were often served with dessert wine, tea, or coffee.

Croissant (France)

These flaky, golden-colored, crescent-shaped pastries are best made with pure butter and a slightly sweet yeast dough. If made properly, the yellow-white interior should be just the slightest bit elastic when pulled from the center, ready to be covered with a pad of butter or some fresh jam.

Experts agree that the croissant was heavily influenced by Austrian kipfels. This pastry originated in 1683 as a celebration of the Austrian victory over the Ottoman Empire, its shape supposedly mimicking the crescent moon found on the Turkish flag. 

Alfajor (Argentine )

Popular alfajores in argentina went under rivals with Spanish people due to the originality, but they were actually imported from Andalusia, Spain. The name alfajor comes from the Hispano-Arabic al-hasú which means “the filling”. These delicious treats consist of two cookies and a sweet filling, most often dulce de leche (a sort of caramel cream). They can be covered with powdered sugar (the traditional ones), icing sugar, desiccated coconut or chocolate.

Pastilla (Russia )

Pastilas are traditional Russian sweets made with baked apple, honey and egg white. It’s Very catchy to find  them in other flavours like vanilla or cranberry. The best way to have them is with a cup of tea.

 Mandelhörnchen (Germany)

Mandelhörnchen literally means “almond horn” because these treats are mainly made with marzipan, almonds and chocolate. You can find them in most German bakeries and they are just as good for breakfast as they are for an afternoon snack.

Mochi (Japan)

Mochi are traditional Japanese cakes. Their chewy texture is achieved by pounding short grain rice which is then moulded into whatever shape you like. Sometimes people even compete for the fastest mochi maker title! These irresistible sweets come in lots of different flavours. You can have them plain, filled (often with a red bean paste) or even as ice cream. Make sure you try all the different types!

Sonho (Brazil)

Sonho means “dream” in Portuguese and as soon as you bite into one of these you’ll understand why. They are a type of doughnut filled with lots of custard and covered in sugar. Yum! They’re perfect to satisfy those sweet cravings at any time of the day.

 Fengli Su (China)

Fengli Sus are round or rectangular delicacies made with crumbly shortcrust pastry filled with pineapple jam. Some are made with winter melon as a substitute but try and get the ones with thick pineapple jam to get the real experience! They’re extremely popular across other Asian countries

PALAMPUR -THE NEW COZY GETAWAY | Travel stories | Himachal pradesh

If you are a person who loves to spend time with yourself, reading, learning new skills, interacting with people, spend few days in a quite peaceful environment. Palampur is the perfect choice for you. Fondly known as the ‘Town of Tea garden’, Land of water.  A small town nestled in the lap of the snow-covered Dhauladhar range, Palampur in Himachal Pradesh is a perfect weekend getaway from Delhi and other nearby places.

 The picturesque natural beauty, Himalayan cedar forest, mountain streams, ancient temples, hidden monasteries, and warm people welcome you with a warm heart.

It has something to offer to everyone—amazing landscape and lush green tea gardens for photographers and nature lovers, serene pine forests for those looking for some moments of quietude, old temples and monasteries for religious souls, and activities like paragliding and trekking for the adventurous lot.Weather is pleasant throughout the year.

Winter months, from November to February, offer amazing views of the beautiful Dhauladhar range covered in snow. You can snow trek to places like Billing and enjoy splendid views of Kangra Valley from up there. And if you want to relax in the pleasant weather away from the crowd and heat the city, visit during summers. With greenery all around, the valley is at its natural best during monsoons. You would need at least 3-4 days to explore popular places to visit in and around Palampur.


How to reach Palampur

The nearest airport to Palampur is the Gaggal airport, which is situated at a distance of 25 km from Palampur. From Gaggal airport you can hire a private taxi to Palampur. You can also catch an HRTC bus which is easily available from Gaggal to Palampur.

Palampur is well-connected with all the major cities of Himachal Pradesh. Direct buses run from Dharamshala, Manali, Kangra, Chandigarh, and also from the capital city. The prices of buses are quite reasonable, ranging from INR 500-1500 depending on the deluxe and non-deluxe buses.

The nearest railway station to Palampur is Pathankot railway station. It is at a distance of 90 km from Palampur. A number of buses and taxis are available from Pathankot to Palampur.

Palampur is a small village and can be covered on foot.

Things to do in palampur

 We are gonna list things to do in Palampur to make it memorable for you. In addition to the famous tea capital of North India, at the foot of the picturesque Dhauladhar mountain range, it offers travelers many interesting things to do in Palampur.

 Paragliding and Hand-gliding in Bir

Why walk when you can fly? Live the most exciting paragliding experience in Bir, a picturesque village in Himachal Pradesh located 29.6 km from Palampur. Often known as the paragliding capital of North India, it is a paradise for adventure seekers. Enjoy the 360 ​​° panoramic view of the Dhauladhar mountain range of the Indian Himalayas. It is one of the best things to do.

Visit to Wah tea Factory

Tea gardens are the main attractions of Palampur, which is also the tea capital of northern India. Vast expanses of land here are covered with lush tea plantations that envelop the city with green foliage all year round.You can see the tea making process in detail here. For tea lovers, this is one of the best Palampur sites. 

Andretta Artist Village

Andretta is an artistic and delicate city in Himachal Pradesh. It has long attracted tourists because it is a colony of artists. It is located 11.9 km from Palampur. Try your luck with the pottery in this beautiful village of Andretta at nominal prices.

Neugal Khad

Clearwater flows in cities are a myth, right? But not in Palampur. Neugal Khad is a large stream of clear water that flows near Palampur. Neugal Khad is a picnic spot located 3-4 km from Palampur.

Baijnath temple

Baijnath temple is 17 km from Palampur. Located in the green Kangra valley, it is one of the most beautiful temples. It has a unique architectural design reminiscent of that of the Jagannath temple in Puri. The story goes that Ravana worshiped Lord Shiva here to achieve immortality. It is a tourist hotspot between fans and travelers.

Baijnath Temple

 Tashi Jong monastery

This monastery, a place of residence for Tibetan refugees, is a beautiful structure. The monastery is a serene and peaceful place and from here you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the Kangra valley. The complex has a Tibetan restaurant where it is possible to savor Tibetan flavors. 

Tashi Jong Monastery

Saurabh Van Vihar

The Saurabh Van Vihar is a nature park that has been built in dedication of the brave and valiant soldier Saurabh Kalia, who was a martyr in the Kargil War. This beautiful and scenic tourist attraction is located on the banks of the snow-fed Neugel Khad in the village of Kwat and is spread over a total area of 13 kilometres. Saurabh Van Vihar is located just 4 kilometres away from Palampur and is an ideal place to visit for a quiet getaway over the weekend. The nature park offers a panoramic view of the Dhauladhar Range and is home to a wide variety of plants, trees and birds, which add to the beauty of the park and attract nature lovers from all across. 

Why too much sex can reduce your life span | compulsive sexual behavior |Too much sex side effects on your life age

Today’s topic can be imitating to few and can be life saving for some,however we at WEALTHYNDIAN would like to share all types of secret in life either being personal,social,economical or any aspect which can benefit the Indians and the society.Feelings play major role in directing our life’s path as it can lead us to achievements,love,success,care and so many emotions we carry as human being.In all types of feelings a human being have ,the major one is the emotion of being attracted to another human being which results in mating with each other.

Now a days in Indian society,this topic is a less popular one as most of the people doesn’t want to talk about the benefits,advantages,disadvantages ,side effects of too much sex,sexual disorder ,how one should involve themselves in learning and controlling the emotions of one’s feeling.It will become a endangered conversation what society thinks about it which we will discuss in coming days posts.

Sexual feelings are those type of feelings that one being has for another being with lot of emotions.these feelings makes us feel warmth inside,our sexual body parts may feel sensational due to these feelings and our heart beats become really fast.You may feel like touching,kissing or sexually intimating with another person or your own body parts.This literally give rise to one meaning that we are aroused and attracted to someone.

After being attracted and going through the emotions and being involved in intimation ,how will you come to know how much you should be intimated or sexually active ,what will happen to your emotions when you see arousal activities within you and there are many questions which can occur.The main question of the topic is SEX,how much much you should do it and what will happen if you do it too much sex and what will be the effects of too much sex.

Why it happens to have too much sex ?

Intimation involves lot of feelings which states it is naturally occurring process ,however it do relates how you can handle your body and emotions.there are few reasons which we want to focus on :

  • Too much fantasies– imagining and building up the thoughts with your sexual fantasies,urges and behaviours that take lot of your time and feel as if they’re beyond your control.
  • Enjoyable sexual experiences– the western world has brought this idea of making it publicly involving others about the privacy of two beings and their emotions which has lead them to do the same with their partners .
  • Use of pornography– This is the major issue in now a days society.85 % of Indian internet traffic goes to sexual content websites which adhere to the addiction .
  • Paying for sex – when one doesn’t get much satisfaction or don’t get meet the desirable needs of the body ,it leads to vulnerable steps for themselves to pay for the pleasurable sex.
  • You use compulsive sexual behavior as an escape from other problems, such as loneliness, depression, anxiety or stress
  • You feel driven to do certain sexual behaviors, feel a release of the tension afterward, but also feel guilt or remorse.
  • You continue to engage in sexual behaviors that have serious consequences, such as the potential for getting or giving someone else a sexually transmitted infection, the loss of important relationships, trouble at work, financial strain, or legal problems.
  • You have trouble establishing and maintaining healthy and stable relationships.

What is the term used for too much sex ?

Compulsive sexual behavior is the term used for the people who  have an excessive preoccupying thoughts with sexual urges,fantasies or behaviors which makes them difficult to control,causes you distress or the negative vibrations affecting your health,job,relationships or other parts of your life.

It is more oftenly called as HYPERSEXUALITY or sexual disorder in laymen term’s.

Compulsive sexual behavior may involve a variety of commonly enjoyable sexual experiences. Examples include masturbation, cybersex, multiple sexual partners, use of pornography or paying for sex. When these sexual behaviors become a major focus in your life, are difficult to control, and are disruptive or harmful to you or others, they may be considered compulsive sexual behavior.

What are the complications of having too much sex/intercourse in daily life?what are the side effects of too much sex?

Compulsive sexual behavior or sexual disorder/too much sex can lead you to have lot of negative consequences in daily life which we are stating few and we might not be able to list down all as those are totally personal experiences of people.

  • Contracted with HIV, hepatitis or another sexually transmitted infection or pass a sexually transmitted infection to someone else
  • Struggling with feelings of guilt, shame and low self-esteem
  • Develop other mental health conditions, such as depression, suicide, severe distress and anxiety
  • Neglect or lie to your partner and family, harming or destroying meaningful relationships
  • Lose your focus or engage in sexual activity or search internet pornography at work, risking your job
  • Accumulate financial debts buying pornography and sexual services
  • Engage in unhealthy substance use, such as using recreational drugs or drinking excessive alcohol
  • Be arrested for sexual offenses.

How it will reduce your life span ?what are the factors  ?

From ancient vedic knowledge which is the basic knowledge of human form has given some clear notification for the human being on how to use your own energy(sperms) .

After performing sexual intercourse,the sperms relased is called as “VIRYA”  which contains the superior form of energy in our body.The Virya contains life energy of our human body system which has spiritual meaning as well to our state of mind.

It can form another life that much potentcy it carries within ourselves.The human body functions in a great zeal if the later has been used properly in our human body.The “PRANAH” Energy present in our body passing through our vitals has special meaning to our system which has greatly explained in yogic system as well.

As the vedic knowledge describes that if one releases this life energy  (VIRYA )  for sense gratification purpose the life span of that person will automatically keeps reducing and it will lead to early old age symptoms and many more reasons which are stated below

Factors to see how your life span will decrease by doing too much sex :

  • Early old age
  • Great loss of life energy
  • Quality of virya will decrease leading to unhealthy child symptoms
  • Youthness of the body will decrease
  • Thinking capabilities will reduce by the time
  • Quickly responding to the situation will be affected
  • Early loss of Physical strength of the body
  • More laziness and lethargy in the behavior
  • More prone to diseases.

Let’s see what that means,it clearly states the release of energy during sexual activities are natural life energies which have to be used and focused in proper state of mind otherwise it can make us even mad to fulfill our needs. Scientifically it has been proven that

As we have already discussed above the complications from too much sex leading to distressed life conditions.

How to overcome doing too much sex ? what are the points to prevent too much sex activities ?

Cause behind sexual disorder is something not visible like other disorders .However,after consulting doctors and other yogic guru who have clearly mastered themselves in their senses.we have few points to share which may help this type of behavior overcome

  • Yoga : Understand yoga and start from small practices to follow which will naturally enhance your perception about life
  • Meditation : another form of practice to do everyday in the morning to bring your senses to clarity and become one with the nature
  • No to pornography : this has to be removed efficiently from the daily life routine.
  • No to alcohol & drugs : Substance abuse can cause a loss of control and unhappiness that can lead to poor judgment and may push you toward unhealthy sexual behaviors.
  • Seek treatment early for mental health disorders :  Compulsive sexual behavior may be worsened by depression or anxiety.
  • Avoid risky situations: Don’t jeopardize your health or that of others by putting yourself into situations where you’ll be tempted to engage in risky sexual practices.
  • No to paying for sex : it clearly defines no to prostitution.
  • No to Unsolicited web-series and media : media has turned the lives into disasters by promoting the sexual images and making the adults aroused for sexual activities.
  • Eat more Satvik food : no one knows that food actually arouses our mental and bodily behavior in so many ways.Don’t eat like meats,chilli,onion and tamsik food.Add yoghurt,milk,water based food more to your body and greens.
  • Goal or aim : when there is no goal,aim or any important work to do inour life,the brian has tendency to do those activities which are easy to do.Make a goal and let your mind be busy there.
  • Loyal to your partner : don’t participate yourself in cheating up your partner and be satisfied in relationship with your partner.
  • Get help early for problems with sexual behavior. Identifying and treating early symptoms may help prevent compulsive sexual behavior from getting worse over time or escalating into a downward spiral of shame, relationship problems and harmful acts.
  • Identify and seek help for alcohol and drug abuse problems. Substance abuse can cause a loss of control and unhappiness that can lead to poor judgment and may push you toward unhealthy sexual behaviors.

Top most Fitness trends in 2021 | 8 new Popular Fitness industry trends 2021

fitness trends 2021

With the covid restriction on place,the fitness industry have seen its worst nightmares.However,Fitness motivator and enthusiasts continued their competitiveness to find out new ways to saty fit in this year 2021.There were great challenges either to make a start for virtual coaching or new home gyms but everyone found their ways of doing it.

As it has been said “when there is a will,there is a way ahead.”

We are going to see some new and fancy fitness trends of 2021 which are on the rise.lets explore some of them with great intensity.

Virtual Training

Covid has changed the various habits and we have been conditioned to accept the new changes which also includes athletes who are being competitive for themselves and finding ways to stay fit.It includes new technological options from being digital at home cycling programs to online workout communities.

Virtual training is an important key element in today’s trends which offers all types of workout and excercises to be done at your own ease.

The new virtual Training programmes are letting the users to go through prerecorded sessions taught on the online platform by their real trainers.It is an growing industry forecasted to be worth $29 billion by 2026.

Wearable technologies

These technologies have started way back in 2016 and became the stand out trends in 2021.Right from fitness trackers,heart rate monitors,pulse checker,oxymeter and smart watches with many more in the market to explore the wide aspect of fitness in the industry.

Fitness industry has evolved in recent years with some great changes came into place.People are not only just want to do exercise as they want to involve themselves in knowing about technicality behind that exercise like knowing the pulse rate while performing exercise,how many steps you have walked,how many calories you have burned and list is long for the benefits.

They are useful for both consumers and practitioners to keep a track of their performance and improve it over time.

Home gyms

According to recent study,80% of the population has shifted their interest for convenience as its easier to stay fit at home.After the COVID-19 pandemic,people are more comfortable and interested at home exercise than ever before.

The change has brought some anticipation that most people will focus on home workouts than ever before,dedicating personalised living space to home gym’s.It all can start with low as 2 dumbells and stretch belt or can go high upto home heavy weight gym equipment.

Average Indian has spent almost Rs 2000- Rs 5000 on home gym equipments during the covid quarantine process which is considerably less than membership.At your own convenience,you can get yourself into better shape at affordable price.

Mind & Body exercise

The pandemic has put adverse effect on human mind and body which has affected people in so many ways.Work from home tasks continues and the future still looks very unstable that’s why there is increased demand for mindful excercises such as yoga and meditation.

Mind Relaxation and physical fitness,both duo categories have been on trend these days as people started to opt for combined training which includes both.Like the trends of yoga,breathing excercises,pilates,mindfullness and broader mental training have been on play during the pandemic as people need to take out their irritation,stress,frustration and many more which have been on the rise due to pandemic.

It will continue to rise in 2021 and 2022 as mass fitness consumers place dual value on physical and psychological health.

Outdoor Activities/ Training

One of the major task to do for everyone which is on the trend right now,the need to go outside is in human’s nature.When the gyms are closed now a days,people have choosen the old school trick like the ability to hit the park or play grounds for an outdoor training is a msut to do.

Making the most out of the environment around you,It will not only help you physically but rejuvenates your body to detoxify,bringing the peace relation with everything and resetting the mind back into happiness mode.

Cross Fit Training

Cross fit workouts has taken up by storm in the society which are more fun loving and friendly workouts for cross discipline fitness.It brings a form of high intensity strength training  which is made up of functional movements performed at a hight intensity level.Excercises include the activities you perform in daily life routine like pulling,running,squatting etc.

Cross fit gyms are been designed in different way to let the users feel more game oriented workout then focusing on traditional gym workouts.The cross fit workouts helps to burn calories more faster than any other forms of workouts as it includes full body circulation and movement.

Techno gyms

futuristic techno gyms

Technology has shaped the fitness industry in astonishing way by bringing the durability,safety and great features on the ease.

Techno gyms are the new era of gyms which are on high demand than the traditional gym equipments.The later has devloped new features which even include to monitor your workouts,body functions according to your level of exercise.People are more techie friendly than using old equipments as they want to explore the new version of GYM’S in modern era of technology.

Personal Training

Over the years,the figure of the personal trainer has evolved and become more accessible thanks to the internet in fitness clubs, as well as at home or in workplaces with gyms. People have finally realized that the role of the trainer is essential in assessing one’s condition, prescribing the correct training program, and offering achievable goals based on concrete needs.

Why to put your kids for strength training exercise in COVID 19 situation | kids fitness | Parenting tips | 10 strength excercises for kids

Kids fitness-parenting tips

When it comes to kids,parents bring the shield in front of them to protect them from strength excercises.As the research suggested that it is safe option for kids to do strength exercises.Even in the midst of COVID when all the schools and playgrounds are been closed,most of the kids are feeling mental stress at home just being in front of the T.V or mobile devices .It all brings mental retardness and the growth of kids sink in different aspects of life.

Strength exercise is the key to bring strong physical and mental health to the life of your kids where they feel more rejuvenated than before to involve themselves in everything.Covid has brought severe distress conditions to lot of parents about their kids future.That’s why we have brought initiative to share some secrets to our parents out there struggling in daily life situations.

Myths in parents regarding strength exercise for kids

Misconceptions starts with myth that it may stop the growth of childrens and childrens should not lift heavy weight until they are 11 years old.With due research,there is no proper evidence found to adhere to these statements.

It has been recommended from MEDICAL ASSOCIATION OF INDIA that childrens can start to train with weights as soon as they tend to follow and accept the direction.It generally starts as young as 7 or 8 years old can safely start training if they know how to balance themselves,follow instructions and control of their body with good form.Kids strength training exercise shouldn’t be a scaled down version of an adult training.

Benefits of strength exercise for kids

Strength exercise have ample amount of benefits which include :

  • Muscular fitness
  • Body composition
  • Resistance to injury
  • Disease resistance
  • Motor fitness performance
  • Enhanced body performance
  • Endurance

The benefits of strength exercise is an improved attitude for lifelong activities.If you will motivate kids by telling them your bones will become healthy or any other reason,it will be less effective to motivate them so better focus on other benefits like fun,individual success and self improvement techniques.Make the activities more fun related exercise as it nourishes the mental health as well.

In addition to above,kids who train themselves with strength training often tend to have self discipline,social skills,mental wellness and improved overall well being.Weight training even becomes an opportunity for overweight and obese children to overcome the issues.

10 strength training exercise for kids

Below are fun loving excercises for your kids to do at home or near by park and even you can participate yourself to get into better shape.

  • Squat jumps
  • Side planks
  • Inchworms
  • Hand stand against a wall
  • Bench step ups
  • Calf raise
  • Crab walks
  • Cart wheels
  • Push ups
  • Side leg raise

How to let your kids starts with strength training

It should start with step by step process to put their focus on each segments included.

Initially,focus on developing their good form and teaching the basics of strength training.Let them start slowly and underestimating the strength of young excercisers.It is all safe to do and also leaves enough room for progress.It has been suggested that tangible progress is a key in the early stages of youth training.

Bring their attention to variety of fun loving excercises and types of resistance like free weight machines,medicine balls and some stretch ropes.It is been advised to keep full attention over all the major muscle groups which should be addressed in a balanced,full body workout.

The WealthyNdian tip: Make sure your goal is to be safe,have fun and let your kids learn to love physical excercises .

5 best healthy summer drinks to cool yourself

healthy summer drinks

THIRSTY !That’s what everyone feels in the hot summer afternoon,what if you get the healthy version of it.Yes,There are various recipes to get yourself to the earth but they don’t have the health benefits,Moreover,they are sugar loaded.We are here to quench your thirst with some healthy summer drink recipes to cool off.

Mostly we are tempted for sugar laden beverage,though instead try saving some calories for your body and create your own drinks which everyone will love the taste,earthy texture and flavourful along with their healthier properties.


 It is an traditional Indian summers drink made up by mixing varieties of dry herbs to cool down the system and works as an appetizer to your digestion.Simply mix the shikanji powder in crushed ice water,add sugar and honey in equal quantity and ready to serve.

The great indian shikanji


A best summer mainstay and it’s so easy.Brew a strong batch of tea and let it cool and then add ice.Crush some fresh mint leaves into the tea,add lemon and honey according to your taste.Herbal teas are excellent to make iced tea which keeps you away from extra sugar or sweetners and keep your calorie count low.Turnsome more flavors like tulsi iced tea ,pomegranate rooibos tea.

Mint iced tea
Mint iced tea


Experiment,that’s what it takes to kick off your summer with the best drinks.Start with some easy classics like fruit infused water.As there are enormous variations in this and you can use any combination of fruits or herbs that you like but not the pungent flavours.Try out our few variations to chill off :

  • Cucumber,mint and lime
  • Strawberries and mint
  • Raspberries and blackberries
  • Lemon and lime wedges
  • Mango,papaya and pineapple

Simply slice up your ingredients,toss them into your water and let them infuse before drinking.Remove after the fruit becomes pale and opaque in colour.


If you want to have the feeling of earthy cocktail,try this alcohol free Virgin pina colada which is sweet summertime cocktail.

  • 1 cup unsweetened coconut milk
  • 2 cups frozen banana puree or banana ice cream
  • 1/4 teaspoon coconut extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 can (13.5 ounces) crushed pineapple
  • 1 cup ice

Just carefully toss all the ingredients into your blender,blend it, mix it and enjoy the caribbean waters !

Virgin pina colada
Virgin pina colada


Summers without watermelon is incomplete to all.Watermelon is itself gives a kick to your thirst and adding other surplus ingredients to it will make a healthy try out creation of it.Take 2 cups watermelon,lime soda,1 white peach (peeled),1-2 tbsp agave,1/2 tsp lime juice and of course crushed ice.Blend all except lime soda until liquidified.Pour into the glass and add lemon-lime soda until it gives your type of taste .

THE WEALTHYNDIAN TIP : Home made drinks are more healthier than processed drinks.

How to detox yourself naturally? 10 ways to detoxify

how to detox yourself naturally

Detoxification,a purification process of your body in all the states.It includes cleansing,resting and restoring the body with nourishments.With the effective properties of detoxifying products and process.It removes and eliminates toxins from the body simultaneously boosting the healthy nutrients.This helps in protecting you from disease and make you able to maintain good health through other source of wellness like yoga and meditation.

Detoxification means purifying the blood by eradication of impurities present in the blood which stacks in liver for elimination.It also eliminates through lungs,Intestines,lymphatic system and skin.There are few symptoms one can check to themselves when is the right time to do detoxification for your body which are as :

  • Gas
  • Constipation
  • Headaches
  • Muscle strain
  • Sinus
  • Muscle ache
  • Stool smelling
  • Sleep issues
  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Water retention
  • Bad health
  • And many more like this

These symptoms can really bring the unsatisfying life conditions to your health.Let’s check out some ways of detoxifying oneself .



Water is the first basic element present in our body naturally with 71% weightage.It is not only required for survival but also helps in removal of unwanted toxins.In order to detox yourself,there is nothing works better than water.Excess water intake can give you bloating issues also so it is well recommended to examine yourself before drinking plenty of water.Anything access in the machine chokes the machine,same goes with human body.In order to see great results,add lemon juice in the early morning glass and see the results.It also helps in weight loss adieu to skin issues and boost one’s energy to the maximum.


Human body is made up of frameworks which are been designed so perfectly by the creator to run smoothly all our systems effectively.However,due to our negligency we tend up to store other unwanted waste in our system.It has the ability to detox itself without any help of outside material.The main vital system is excretory system which does defecation and urination process smoothly.There are few organs which take part in this process like skin,lungs,liver,kidneys and internal organs.Every organ plays a vital role in this process.

  • Liver’s job is to filter and excrete waste,drugs,harmones and other foreign substances.
  • Lungs expel carbon dioxide.
  • Large intestine ingests water and take nutrients from the food.It converts waste into stool which has to be expelled from body through defecation.
  • The most astounding part is skin which also acts as an excretory framework.The Secret is skin helps in elimination through sweat glands.


Excercising creates sweat and the sweating eliminates the toxins through skin.It is a process to have a healthy body to increase your metabolism and gives humungus effect on your respiratory system which all are interconnected.Our skin is capable of eliminating metals like lead,mercury and arsenic through sweat.Excercising keeps you away from unwanted toxins via sweating.Excessiveness can lead you to dehydration and stress,many more.


Having green smoothies,juice or consumption of any green leafy vegetable by any means will not only give you high nutritional value but will help you in building your immunity stronger which is more needed in now a days situation like COVID.You can use cucumber,lettuce,beetroot,carrot,apple,banana and strawberries to your glass filled with antioxidant rich drink.MUST TRY in breakfast and feel rejuvenated.


Fasting is one spiritual process to cleanse your body as our system is very much in tune with nature,so,there are specific days in INDIAN CULTURE which signifies the health importance on that particular day fasting like 11th day of moon cycle (EKADASHI).It will not only give your digestive track a break but your system will automatically restore itself and removes all the waste stored for long time in your body.Fasting not only bring health benefits instead it gives spiritual advancement to your soul and you will feel immense satisfaction in your life.


Tea,an antioxidant helps slowing down the cell damage and keeps the more vibrant youthfulness on your skin.It increases your hydration level which literally flushes out the impurities from your body.choose wisely with proper information as there are plenty varieties of tea available in the market but the best is ORGANIC GREEN TEA.Try it with slice of lemon and a spoonful of honey,it will make your day.


Healthy life has true meaning of being organic and eating fresh.The main reason behind toxin is consumption of deep fried,processed,refined and packaged foods on a daily basis. Excessive salt,sugar and oil acts as toxins and gives problems in our life.Choose organic fruits and vegetables rather than consuming processed foods.Also,remember to consume minimum oil,salt and sugar.


Steam has natural water effect from outside to release toxin and impurities out of the body.

sauna relaxation


Massage creates pressure in the body through limbs and it releases stress.Detox therapies are very much in trend now a days in retreat centre and rejuvenation centre to bring wellness to the body.


Yoga opens all your senses and nerves blockade which really helps in proper functioning of your body.It can bring astonishing effects to your system just by doing inhalation and exhalation properly.